B1 Work visa holders can now enter Israel without special permit

B1 Work Visa
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Effective immediately, people who hold B1 Work Visa can enter Israel without a special permission, the Government Press Office told journalists on Sunday. The exemption also applies for family members with multiple-entry long term B2 visas.

B1 work visa is given to individuals who come to Israel to work and have therefore been granted permission to stay in Israel for a limited period of time, but longer than a tourist. Artists, journalists and other experts generally qualify for a such Visa.  A B2 visa is a tourist visa for someone who plans to stay in Israel for only a short time. 

Although the need to request special entry has been relieved, all Health Ministry travel requirements, such as taking a PCR test, are still in place for these travelers.

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Under the Israeli Entry Law, until July 1st, 2021, decisions regarding the entry of foreigners and foreign experts will be examined according to a number of criteria, when the leading criterion being that the foreigner must be vaccinated (2 doses).
Non-vaccinated Foreigners and foreign experts are required to go into self-isolation for 10 or 14 days in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Non-vaccinated children under 6 years old are allowed to enter, if their parents meet the criteria above.
Starting July 1st, 2021 foreigners and foreign experts who are vaccinated – will be allowed to enter without the need for prior approval. Foreigners and foreign experts from Black Countries (India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Argentina) will not be able to enter Israel, unless there are some special circumstances. In such circumstances, the Ministry of Health will review each application on its’ merit. The Ministry of Health will consider those foreigners’ entry for mainly humanitarian purposes.

Source – The Jerusalem Post

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