Employer of Record in Israel

Connecting global corporations with diverse Israeli talent, enabling equal, remote, and flexible work opportunities

Dive into a world where Israel’s unmatched innovation meets global business needs, one remote talent at a time. As your trusted Israeli employer of record, CWS Israel bridges the gap between global corporations and Israel’s diverse, exceptional talent. With a blend of impeccable service and deep-rooted empathy, we empower you to hire in Israel without needing a separate entity. Whether you’re looking to engage contractors or onboard full-time employees, our EOR and AOR services are tailored to meet your needs.


Employer of Record

Comprehensive Employment and payroll solution encompassing all necessary taxation and statutory requirements, as well as an extensive array of perks and benefits to provide a complete and sophisticated payroll experience.

Business Migration

B1 Work Visa & work permits for Expats - professionals and academia specialists Relocation Services including settling-in services at destination and cultural training.

Payroll, Accounting & Tax

Personal and business tax returns, VAT registration, Entity Setup, Israeli payroll, accounting and tax experts at your service

Legal Support

Employment Contracts and agreements, Corporate structure, Employment law, dispute resolution and more.

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Who Our Clients Are


Entrust CWS Israel with the payroll and management of your contingent workforce, including temporary employees and contractors. Our comprehensive services include insurance, tax, payroll, pension, and provident funds, resulting in cost-savings for your organisation. Our EOR/AOR solutions are tailored to your team's specific needs, ensuring increased engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Choose CWS Israel as your partner for streamlined workforce administration in Israel.

Global EORs / PEOs

As your local partner, CWS Israel guarantees compliance and upholds your global presence, saving you from additional work. Our expertise in local employment laws ensures seamless management of your clients' employees. Expand your global reach without the need to establish and manage your own entity, with our comprehensive solutions.

Recruitment Agencies

Delegate the contractor management to CWS Israel and enjoy comprehensive solutions that include insurance, tax, payroll, pension, and provident funds administration, resulting in cost-savings for your business. Our personalised services ensure contractors' satisfaction, increased engagement and loyalty to your organisation. Trust CWS Israel to provide streamlined, efficient solutions for your contractor management needs.

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