About Us

We are CWS Israel!

We are dedicated to matching incredible Israeli talent with global companies who need that talent. With an unwavering commitment to our clients and their employees and an intricate understanding of Israel’s unique labour culture and legal framework, we offer unparalleled expertise and a people-first approach at every step of the journey.

Our global team transcends geographical and political boundaries – coming from many religious and non-religious backgrounds, our team members from Australia, Britain, Spain, France, the United States, and of course – Israel.

This inclusive team operates tirelessly around the clock, delivering unwavering support to our clients, employees, and partners.

We’re real people. Not platforms  

We are Unique

At CWS Israel, our distinctiveness shines through in various aspects of our service

  1. Israeli Expertise: Our deep knowledge of Israel’s unique cultural and legal framework.
  2. People-First: A human-to-human relationship approach.
  3. Responsiveness: Quick and efficient in addressing every query.
  4. Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to local regulations.
  5. Purpose and Value-Driven: Driven by a clear sense of purpose and shared values.
  6. Focus on Employee’s Well-being: Prioritising the well-being of your talent.

Our Heritage

In 2014, CWS Israel started as a subsidiary of a Global veteran of the EoR and Contingent Workforce services industry. Then in 2018, a management buyout marked the beginning of our unique journey. We have opened our doors to all global EoR and PEOs, offering a unique in-country partnership. This moment allowed us to create the best-of-breed service, learning from the best and brightest of global industry leaders. Since that pivotal moment, we’ve been focused on providing our now-famous white-glove service, to the global employers who have their employees’ best interests at heart.

Our dynamic leadership team works across borders and time zones, fully embracing a remote business model. Raz Chorev & Yulia Lavie, our co-founders, grew up in Israel, Russia and Australia. Both Raz and Yulia have spent their careers working with international corporations, which enabled them to understand the nuances of bridging cultural gaps between the Israeli and international business communities. The duo has been working remotely for the majority of their careers, having an intrinsic understanding of the remote work lifestyle, with all of its advantages and challenges.

Today, our team is built on people from various religious backgrounds, Israeli Arabs, Christians and Jews, and individuals from around the world, collaborating remotely to provide exceptional support and services to our clients, no matter where they are.

The ongoing, longstanding trust of our global partners and clients reflects our commitment to employee care, radical transparency and un-compromised compliance.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our investment in cutting-edge, cloud-based automation technology. This ensures we manage your employees and contractors with unparalleled precision, achieving 99.9% accuracy across all facets of the employer or record or agent of record service.

Our Values

The glue that connects us all at CWS Israel is our internal culture, which is built on our core values. Those values underpin the way we think, act, and behave with our clients. Those values are closely guarded internally, so we can take them to guide us in the market.

Walk the walk

Walk the Walk is a core company value which signifies our commitment to living the principles we advocate, ensuring our actions consistently align with our words, thereby building authenticity, trust, and integrity in our workplace.

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is a company value that champions open and honest communication at all levels, fostering an environment where decisions, processes, and information are shared openly to promote trust, accountability, and collaboration.


Win-Win-Win is a fundamental company value, symbolizing our belief that success is a collective achievement; when our clients and their employees thrive, so does CWS Israel. We're fostering a culture where everyone's accomplishments not only contribute to the collective prosperity of CWS Israel, but also positively impact the broader success and growth of Israel as a whole.

People First, always

People before profit - This means prioritizing the well-being and growth of our employees and clients over financial gain. We understand that our greatest asset is our people, and we're convinced that by nurturing their development and satisfaction, success will naturally follow. It's more than just a mantra - it's the ethos that shapes our every decision and action.

Raise the bar

Start at your best, then seek how to do better - we embody a relentless pursuit of excellence, constantly pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations, as we strive to continuously elevate our standards and deliver exceptional results


To empower Israelis with meaningful work and dignity globally, connect corporations to exceptional Israeli talent, and foster a positive and resilient image of Israel grounded in equity, inclusion, and impact.


Our vision is to change the perception of Israel in the world, by removing geographical, political and cultural barriers, enabling Israeli professionals to spread their wisdom and talent, while helping our global clients to innovate, grow and thrive.


How we make our vision a reality? We make Israeli talent and innovation accessible to the world, and we do it in the most seamless way

In a global, dispersed workforce environment, we’re redefining the meaning of HR – Human Relations! We embody a global, dynamic spirit that values personal growth, collaboration, and human connection

Human Relations

Our Social Impact

CWS Israel's Social Imact

Our commitment goes beyond business success; it’s deeply rooted in creating a lasting societal impact. We can make a difference far beyond our corporate boundaries by blending compassion, integrity, and community involvement. Together with our clients, employees, and partners, we are shaping a world where business success goes hand in hand with societal impact.

Reinvesting for a Better Future

Given the war that broke out on 7th October 2023, we have commited to donating 100% of our profits over the next 12 months into local NGOs, supporting the Israeli community during these challenging times.

Our dedication goes beyond words; it’s about taking meaningful action.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a core principle we embrace. We’re passionate about creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, respected, and valued, regardless of background or belief.

Hands-On Volunteering and Philanthropy

Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond financial contributions. We actively take on and participate in charitable projects and initiatives, using our reach and influence to make a tangible difference.

Measuring Our Impact

We value accountability and transparency, using quantifiable data to measure our CSR efforts. From completed community projects to donations and volunteer hours, we ensure our commitment is visible and tangible.

Community Empowerment

Our deep-rooted connection to Israel fuels our support for local talent, providing them with a global platform. We encourage and empower our own team, and our client’s employees under our care, to donate their time helping our communities to rebuild. We aim for both business growth and community prosperity. 

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