About Us

Established in 2014 as a subsidiary of a world-renowned PEO, CWS Israel came into its own in 2018 following a management buyout.

When our leadership team took the reins of the local operation, we developed an even more tailored approach to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our investment in cutting-edge, cloud-based automation technology. This ensures we manage your employees and contractors with unparalleled precision, achieving 99.9% accuracy across all facets of the employer or record or agent of record service.

The trust we’ve garnered from our global clients is a testament to our commitment. They appreciate our unwavering professionalism, transparency, compliance, and the personal touch of our payroll and HR experts.

Our Values

The glue that connects us all at CWS Israel is our internal culture, which is built on our core values. Those values underpin the way we think, act, and behave with our clients. Those values are closely guarded internally, so we can take them to guide us in the market.

Walk the walk

Walk the Walk is a core company value which signifies our commitment to living the principles we advocate, ensuring our actions consistently align with our words, thereby building authenticity, trust, and integrity in our workplace.

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is a company value that champions open and honest communication at all levels, fostering an environment where decisions, processes, and information are shared openly to promote trust, accountability, and collaboration.


Win-Win-Win is a fundamental company value, symbolizing our belief that success is a collective achievement; when our clients and their employees thrive, so does CWS Israel. We're fostering a culture where everyone's accomplishments not only contribute to the collective prosperity of CWS Israel, but also positively impact the broader success and growth of Israel as a whole.

People First, always

People before profit - This means prioritizing the well-being and growth of our employees and clients over financial gain. We understand that our greatest asset is our people, and we're convinced that by nurturing their development and satisfaction, success will naturally follow. It's more than just a mantra - it's the ethos that shapes our every decision and action.

Raise the bar

Start at your best, then seek how to do better - we embody a relentless pursuit of excellence, constantly pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations, as we strive to continuously elevate our standards and deliver exceptional results


Our vision is to change the perception of Israel in the world, by removing geographical, political and cultural barriers, enabling Israeli professionals to spread their wisdom and talent, while helping our global clients to innovate, grow and thrive.


How we make our vision a reality? We make Israeli talent and innovation accessible to the world, and we do it in the most seamless way

"Globalization, demographics, climate change and geopolitical transformations are already making a significant impact on the work landscape. There is a window of opportunity now for individuals, business and government to understand and proactively manage the transition to a new future."
About Us
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