Employer of Record (EoR) Services

CWS Israel is an Employer of Record (EoR) in-country partner for global companies.

We are your trusted partner for expanding your workforce, offering unparalleled expertise in Israel and a people-first approach. Drawing from extensive experience, we connect global corporations with diverse Israeli talent while ensuring compliance, transparency, and ease of operation at every step.

As a third-party organisation, CWS Israel specialises in hiring and paying employees on behalf of our clients while sharing responsibility for all formal employment tasks. Engaging with CWS Israel as your Employer of Record enables you to engage with local or expat workers in Israel in compliance with local employment laws without the need to establish a local entity or risk breaching your legal obligations. Review our pricing packages for our EOR services.

Employer of Record Clients


Outsource the payroll and management of your employees in Israel to us…
Entrust CWS Israel with the payroll and management of your contingent workforce, including temporary employees and contractors. Our comprehensive services cover insurance, tax, payroll, pension, and provident funds, resulting in cost-savings for your organisation. Our EOR/AOR solutions are tailored to your team's specific needs, ensuring increased engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Choose CWS Israel as your partner for streamlined workforce administration in Israel.

Global EoR / PEO

Service your clients without setting up your local entity!

As your local partner, we guarantee compliance and uphold your global presence, saving you the inconvenience. Our expertise in local employment laws ensures seamless management of your clients' employees. Expand your global reach without the need to establish and manage your own entity, with our comprehensive solutions.

Recruitment Agencies

Outsource the management of your clients' employees to us…
Delegate the contingent workforce management to CWS Israel and enjoy comprehensive solutions that include insurance, tax, payroll, pension, and provident funds administration, resulting in cost-savings for your business. Our personalised services ensure employees' satisfaction, increased engagement and loyalty to your organisation. Trust CWS to provide streamlined, efficient solutions for your contingent workforce management needs.

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an excellent choice for expanding your team beyond your home country. In this model, the EOR takes on the official employer role for your international talent, handling HR responsibilities. You, as the client, retain control over management and day-to-day operations. This approach streamlines global hiring, ensuring compliance with local regulations, making your expansion cost-effective and straightforward.

When considering international expansion, there are typically three common options:

What do we do for you?

Official Employer

Official employer for your Israeli staff and their point of contact relating to payroll and benefits.

Ensure Compliance

Take care of vital compliance with local regulations which is vital not always simple.

HR Management

Manage all HR (Human Relations) tasks including contracts, onboarding, terminations, pensions and taxes.

Look after the team!

Deliver health and well-being programs and training and education for your talent.

We Are Unique!

At CWS Israel, our distinctiveness shines through in various aspects of our service

Knowledge of Israel

Our deep knowledge of Israel's unique landscape.


A human-to-human relationship approach.


Quick and efficient in addressing your needs.


Ensuring strict adherence to local regulations.

Focus on Employee's Well-being

Prioritising the well-being of your talent.

Hire the best talent in Israel, quickly, compliantly and hassle free

Our Guarantees

Satisfaction guarantee

No charge for the first 8 weeks if you are unsatisfied with the service.*

Human Response within 24 hours

No Bots, no automated messages. Someone is available for you within 24 hours

24/7/365 Availability

With our global team working around the clock, you're guaranteed a response, regardless of weekends or local holidays.

Dedicated Liaison

One point of contact, for every question. We will navigate the various experts, so you don't have to.

Local Expertise

Local Payroll & Labour laws: Commercial & Migration Laws, Israeli culture and people.

100% Compliance

Verified by PwC.

Empowering You with Our Deep Israel Insight and People-Centric Values

We stand out through our profound understanding of Israel and our unwavering commitment to putting people first. With our Employer of Record Service, you’ll discover an unmatched level of expertise in the Israeli landscape. We believe in a genuine people-centric approach that prioritises your needs and your talent’s well-being. Experience the difference – our deep knowledge of Israel and a true people-first ethos.

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How EOR Benefits You?

At CWS Israel, our distinctiveness shines through in various aspects of our service

Unlock Diverse Talent with Ease

EOR services open doors to a diverse, skilled workforce, eliminating the limitations of only having access to talent local to you. You also have the flexibility to scale your workforce as needed, simplifying responses to changing business demands.

Swift Market Entry and Exit

EOR services expedite market entry, enabling quick onboarding of new hires and reducing time-to-market for your products or services. Should your business plans change, EOR services often offer flexibility for market exits without long-term commitments.

No Entity Setup Required

One of the primary benefits is that EOR services eliminate the need to establish legal entities in foreign countries, saving you valuable time and resources

Expert Support at Your Fingertips

EOR providers offer dedicated teams with expertise in employment and compliance, delivering professional support throughout your global hiring journey.

Global Reach, Local Compliance

EOR services empower you to expand your global reach while ensuring strict compliance with local regulations, making international growth highly achievable.

Seamless Integration

EOR services seamlessly integrate employees into your team, promoting collaboration and productivity.

Why CWS Israel?

This is why we are your ideal partner for Israeli workforce expansion:

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Trusted HR and Legal Expertise in Israel

We understand local payroll, labour laws, commercial regulations, migration laws, Israeli culture, and its people. We also offer direct access to in-country employment law guidance.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

We take on the burden, risk, and legal responsibility of employing your Israeli workforce, shielding your business from the risk of missing ever-changing regulations.

Ensure a Compliant Israeli Workplace

Our commitment to compliance is validated by PwC, assuring you of our adherence to the highest standards.

Transparency at Core

From our services proposal to legal documents or monthly payroll reports, everything is fully transparent with no hidden fees, allowing you to expand into Israel confidently.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated account manager for all your projects—a single local contact for simpler, more streamlined communication.

How We Work Together

Identify Top Talent

If you already have an employee in mind, that is great! If you don’t, CWS Israel works with you to identify the best candidate for the position – and together, we develop a competitive compensation and benefits package that attracts and retains quality candidates.

Make the Offer

Once you select the candidate, CWS Israel will develop and extend the offer letter to them. Once the offer is signed, the employee can begin in as little as one day. Our team ensures the employee’s right to work in Israel, conducts background checks, submits income and employer tax deductions, and more.

Seamless Onboarding

Our in-country HR and Payroll teams provide round-the-clock support, ensuring a smooth and tailored onboarding experience for your new talent.

Ready to Work

Your new talent is prepared to jump into their roles in no time. Our platform ensures your new hires hit the ground running, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your business.

Comprehensive Management

With us as your partner, leave the rest to us. We handle payroll, benefits, contracts, taxes, compliance, and more.


Tell us about the employee that will be terminated with dates and details. We will ensure that local laws relating to ending contracts are followed and your exiting employee is treated with respect and given the attention they deserve.


Employee Benefits - Israel Vs. the United States

Continue Your Journey with CWS Israel

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payroll services supportING our multinational clients .

Our payroll team has the knowledge and experience to give our clients full payroll solutions confidence and security in their payroll management.

We pay our contractors fast, tax-efficiently and with minimum paperwork.

Accounting Support Services

  • Employees and self-employed solutions
  • Personal and Company tax returns
  • VAT registration and reporting
  • Israeli labour taxation experts at your service

Business Migration

Non-Israeli people wishing to work temporarily in Israel would need to obtain a work permit and B1 visa. The process is simple but can take a few months to complete. The B1 visa will be granted for a limited period of time for the purpose of work. This visa is given to experts, artists, and others, and requires the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. There are 3 phases to the application for a B1 visa, which include personal details and certifications (to be vetted and approved), employment details, and verification of good conduct and health. The last phase includes a personal interview at an Israeli consulate or embassy at the Applicant’s country of residence.

Employment Related Insurance

As an integral part of our payroll services, CWS Israel offers insurance policies for our expats, and local national employees:

  • Health Insurance
  • Pension Funds
  • Professional Indemnity, and more. as required.


We work with certified translation services, which can provide notarised copies of the translated document, an Apostille Certificate or Legalisation certificate, as required by the relevant Authority. As a local (Israel) provider of Contingent Workforce and Employer of Record Services, we aim to help in every aspect required, and provide the most comprehensive, compliant, cost-effective and speedy translation service in Israel.

CWS Israel Translation Services
Photo by Michal B on Unsplash
Photo by Michal B on Unsplash

Relocation Services

CWS Israel has been serving global, large corporations for years and has provided packing and moving services for their Employees. Over the years we have learned and understood that what companies need is much more than moving household goods, and therefore have developed a wide range of services which include:

Home Search
Pre-Move Counselling
Settling-in services at destination
Area orientation
School search
Cultural training
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