Privacy Policy

Privacy & Data Protection Policy

for EoR Employees at CWS Israel

Effective Date: 1st December 2023


Purpose of the Policy

CWS Israel is dedicated to protecting the personal information of its EoR employees. This Privacy Policy governs our approach to handling Personal Information in compliance with the Israeli Privacy Protection Act 1981 and the EU GDPR regulations.

Collection of Personal Information

  • Definition: Personal Information is any information that can identify an individual.
  • Examples: This may include names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Methods of Collection: We gather this information through various means, including direct interviews, correspondence, telephone, email, our website, and third-party sources.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of collecting Personal Information is to provide our services, inform our clients, and conduct marketing activities. Secondary uses will align closely with these purposes.

Use of Personal Information

  • Primary Use: For the delivery and enhancement of our services to EoR employees and clients.
  • Secondary Use: For related purposes, such as internal record keeping, compliance, and legal obligations, where you would reasonably expect such use.

Sensitive Information

  • Handling: Sensitive information, as defined by the Privacy Act, is managed with the utmost care and used strictly for the purpose for which it was collected, related secondary purposes, or as required by law.

Consent and Third Parties

  • Informed Consent: Personal Information will only be collected from you unless it is provided by a third party, in which case we will ensure you are aware of the collection.
  • Disclosure: We will not disclose Personal Information to third parties without consent, except where required by law.

Security and Storage

  • Protection Measures: We take precautions to safeguard Personal Information from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, or disclosure.
  • Retention: Personal Information is kept no longer than necessary but will be retained for at least 7 years as per legal and contractual requirements.

Access and Correction

  • Your Rights: You are entitled to access and correct your Personal Information held by us.
  • No Fee for Access: Access to Personal Information will be provided without charge, although an administrative fee may be applied for the provision of copies.

Data Quality

  • Accuracy: We strive to keep Personal Information accurate, complete, and up-to-date and welcome updates from you should your circumstances change.

Policy Updates

  • Continuous Review: This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect best practices and legal changes, available on our website.

Complaints and Enquiries

Contact Details: For any concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please reach out to our Privacy Officer at the provided contact details.

Contact Information

We encourage our EoR employees to review this policy and contact us with any questions or concerns regarding how their Personal Information is handled by CWS Israel. Our commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that we not only comply with legal standards but also align with our company values, prioritizing the privacy and trust of our employees and partners.


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