The Role and Advantages of an Employer of Record

Employer of Record In Israel
What do we do as an Employer of Record service provider? 

An EoR service in Israel allows businesses to engage with Israeli workers without the need to establish a local entity in Israel.

As an Employer of Record (EoR), CWS Israel is a third-party organisation that takes on the legal responsibility for all official employment tasks on behalf of our clients.

What is the role of an Employer of Record in Israel?

The role of an Employer of Record is to handle all the legal and compliance obligations of employment, insurance, translation and payroll. In essence, the EoR becomes the registered employer for the worker.

Nonetheless, the EoR does not take on any management responsibilities. The original employer retains control over work relationships and maintains decision-making authority regarding matters such as compensation, duties, projects, and termination.

Our responsibilities as an Employer of Record include:
  • Assisting with employee contracts, visas and work permits to ensure smooth processing without delays or refusals.
  • Ensuring compliance with Israeli laws regarding taxes, labour codes, and worker rights protection.
  • Providing information to the employer on local laws including notice periods, severance pay, and termination rules.
  • Acting as a liaison between government authorities of Israel and the employees.
Advantages of utilising an Employer of Record in Israel

Using our Employer of Record service offers several benefits, especially when conducting business in Israel. Some advantages of employing an Employee of Record are:

  • Simplified immigration compliance: We expedite the immigration compliance process, reducing complexities and potential risks.
  • Avoiding local incorporation: Companies can bypass the burden and costs associated with establishing and maintaining local entities in Israel.
  • Local payroll management: We take care of, and manage payroll in Israel, ensuring adherence to local regulations.

If you are considering doing business abroad, and exploring Israeli talent, engaging an Employer of Record can help alleviate the stress of managing administrative functions, allowing you to focus on core business operations. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation.

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