The Quick-Start Guide to Onboarding Process with CWS Israel

Onboarding Process
Embarking on a new employment journey isn’t just a matter of dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s on a contract. At CWS Israel, we believe that a robust onboarding process sets the stage for a fulfilling, long-term relationship between employers and employees. Our approach incorporates security measures, individualised attention, and wholehearted support for both client and employee—making the entire journey smooth, pleasant, and above all, human.

The Transformative Power of Effective Onboarding

A well-executed onboarding process can work wonders, shaping your employee’s initial experience and long-term outlook. It’s not just about formalities; it’s a strategic investment that elevates employee engagement, facilitates better performance, and cultivates a lasting partnership between you and your talent. We believe that setting the right tone from the start can yield impressive long-term benefits in employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

CWS Israel’s Unique Approach

At the core of our onboarding strategy is the principle of Radical Transparency. We believe that clear, honest communication fosters trust and sets the foundation for a successful working relationship. While we are staunch about compliance, we also strive to make our processes as human as possible. This transparent approach builds a foundation of trust, enabling us to better understand your needs and offer personalised solutions. We don’t just onboard; we form relationships, and make a genuine investment in the success and well-being of all new team members.

Enhancing Your Onboarding Process Experience: Step by Step

Let’s go beyond the chart and dive into the nuanced details of our comprehensive onboarding process.
Step 1: Signing the Master Service Agreement (MSA)
This is where our partnership officially kicks off. Signing the MSA allows us to tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific requirements. It’s the first step in a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding. Our legal team ensures that all terms are transparent and favourable for both parties, giving our clients and partners peace of mind from day one.
Step 2: Initial Invoice—Why It’s Important
Following the MSA, an initial invoice is sent your way, based on the mutually agreed terms. This isn’t just an administrative step; it’s a critical component that enables us to ensure employees are paid promptly. By settling this invoice, our clients are not just committing to a contract, but ensuring that from day one, the new employee receives the financial security they deserve—laying the foundation for a stable, committed workforce.
Step 3: The Client Welcome Call—Not Just an Introduction
This introductory call isn’t merely procedural. It’s an opportunity for us to delve into the specifics of our systems and monthly processes, helping our clients understand how each feature aligns with their organisational goals. Beyond imparting crucial information, our introductory call is designed to welcome our clients into the CWS Israel family.
Step 4: Employee Agreement Draft—Crafting a Competitive and Appealing Package
Once the initial steps are completed, we draft an Employment Agreement and send it for review and comments. But we don’t just hand a standard template; we use our local expertise to create the most competitive and appealing package possible for the employee. It’s not just about compliance, but also about employee engagement and happiness. We believe in tailoring each agreement to meet both local regulations and ensure that the talent feels valued and motivated to succeed. At this stage, if immigration is needed, we initiate an immigration process to ensure a hassle-free experience.
Step 5: The Employee Welcome Call—Making It Personal
We extend a warm welcome to the new employee, to ensure that they feel comfortable and secure. We discuss and address any queries and provide a walk-through of the Talent Portal, onboarding timelines, what they can expect, and bringing that much-needed human touch to procedural formalities. In addition to answering questions and setting expectations, this call is also where your employee will be guided to submit all required documents and personal details.
Step 6: Signing the Agreement
Once the initial invoice is settled, we share the approved contract with the employee for review and signature via our Talent Portal. At this stage – in case the employee has any queries – they will be addressed and resolved.
Step 7: Orientation, the CWS Way
A warm, friendly orientation awaits the new hire. Our HR Manager offers a genuine introduction to our well-being and development programmes, creating a supportive environment from day one. CWS Payroll Specialist will guide our new talent through their payslip, pension, time off and other aspects to ensure a seamless transition.


Our mission at CWS Israel is to make the onboarding process a seamless and enriching experience. With our expertise, our clients are not just complying with legal requirements; together, we’re building strong, lasting relationships with the newly-hired talent. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the need for an efficient yet comprehensive onboarding process cannot be overstated. CWS Israel goes beyond standard protocols to offer an onboarding experience that is professional, seamless and genuine. It’s this unique combination that makes us not just a service provider, but a long-term partner committed to your success.
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