Glossary – Payslips in Israel

תלוש משכורת - Israeli Payslip

Payslips in Israel are in many ways similar to payslips in other countries, but in other ways – quite different. As many companies in Israel are using accounting and payroll software which were designed in Israel, for Israeli companies and employees in mind, the reporting tools usually print out the payslips in Hebrew. This is great for Israeli natives but creates a bit of a challenge for foreign employees or expats working in Israel.

Let’s begin with basic vocabulary, to help interpret the payslip

Payslips in Israel are referred to as “stubs”, probably a legacy term from the days of perforated printing paper. The common term used is “Tlush Mascoret” (תלוש משכורת), or in short – “Tlush”.

Unlike payslips received overseas, the Payslips in Israel are quite detailed and contain all of the relevant components of remuneration.

Here are some of the most common terms and components used:

Gross Pay – Sahar Basis / Mascoret – משכורת /שכר בסיס

Income Tax – Mas Hach’nasa – מס הכנסה

Social Security is referred to as National Insurance – Bitu’ach Le’umi – ביטוח לאומי

Pension Fund – Keren Pensia – קרן פנסיה

Contributions – Kupat Gemel – קופת גמל

Health Insurance – Bituach Bri’ut Mumlach’ti – ביטוח בריאות ממלכתי

Transport Allowance – Tachbura Tziburit – תחבורה ציבורית

Executives (or Managers) Insurance – Bituach Menahalim – ביטוח מנהלים

Education Fund – Keren Hishtalmut – קרן השתלמות

Holiday Pay – D’mei Hufsha – דמי חופשה

Bonus – sometimes referred to as 13th Salary – Mascoret Shlosh-Esré – משכורת שלוש עשרה

Seniority (Experience premium) – Vetek – ותק

Overtime – Sha’ot Nosafot – שעות נוספות.

Download a translated sample Payslip here.

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